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  SILK BAGS  BY KorLor420

For those of you who like to touch, feel & try out the goods before making a


radical life changing purchase of the ONLY 100% Organic Rosin Bags AVAILABLE, then have no fear. 

We would LOVE to send you a few samples for FREE. 


You just pay the minimal shipping fee of


1 Sample Pack  - $4.20  TOTAL 


2 Sample Packs - $7.10 TOTAL


3 Sample Packs - $9.45 TOTAL


4 Sample Packs - $12.20 TOTAL




You will receive 2 or 3 bags per sample pack.


Depending on our elevated state at the time we package your samples up, 2 bags if we are at a normal elevated state, 3 bags if we are above average elevated.


Depends on the size you request.


3 bags  if you choose smaller bag option


2 bags  if you choose larger option


We will always do what we can to send you the exact size you request. If you do not specify in the notes section exactly what size, we will send random size within the size dimensions you chose.


(Payments accepted PayPal, Amazon Pay & Major Credit Cards, or you can mail us cash)


We are a 100% confidant you will LOVE KorLor420 100% Silk & Organic Rosin Bags, that we will even give you a KorLor Kash store credit for the $4.20 shipping fee.


You can use this towards your next purchase. To get the store credit, you will need to


  1.   Create an account. Easy AF Fam. We wouldn’t dare make our Fam perform any difficult tasks. We're not about that.
  2.   Post your wild excitement on your social media accounts and tag us #KorLor420. Fam, by wild we mean anything positive.


                           For you social introverts that could be as simple as a


                              “Just ordered my free samples of 100% Silk Rosin Bags from”


                           And for those of you who are extroverted you may post something like


                               “FINALLY, I found a company who cares about what is important. ORGANIC ROSIN BAGS! Check out KorLor420.Com if you                                     want to use all natural 100% Silk Rosin Bags!! I have been having fantasies about finding a 100% Organic Rosin                                                   Filter/Bag!!”




Check this shit out ~ You know we will have our own KorLor420 Employees Social Media Kings & Queens looking for these post & tags every day.


When they come upon posts that blow them away they will  give that person additional KorLor Kash store credit. Could be $10 or $25 or $100


But Fam, That’s not all ~ If you have 5 Thousand or more followers, we will credit your account with even more KorLor Kash


5k Followers  - Extra $15 Credit


10k Followers - Extra $45 Credit


50K Followers  - Extra $100 Credit


So what are you waiting for? Grab those samples now and show the community how much you care about 100% Organic Product and being the BEST you can be!









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