How to Choose Your Micron


Everyone has their own method of madness and method of oil extraction.We also know that many of you are new to this arena and would like an opinion on which micron works best for the various type of plant matter. We have a testing lab in our factory that tests the durability of the bags. Then we have a testing lab in Colorado that tests the bags again for durability and for product outcome. 

Based on our testing and preference we recommend the following

160u Micron-    Fresh Flower
120u Micron-    Dry Flower and or Trim
90u   Micron-      Dry Flower, Trim, Dry Sift  
37u   Mircon-      Dry Sift  

But ALWAYS keep in mind ~ This is your world and we are just living in it!!
So you do YOU and get the bags that you feel will best suit your needs.

  • It is also very important that the heating element you are using is at the recommended temperature for the product you are pressing or squishing.  


  • Don't over fill your bags


  • Make sure the pressure fits the product.  Dry sift does not need as much pressure as dry flower or fresh flower 

If you have any questions about anything, just hit us up.
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And lastly, know that we are the coolest company you will ever meet. We often hit up our followers for an address to send free samples. Or we add extra shit to their orders. And we ALWAYS send a bag of Double Bubble Bubble Gum in every package we send out. (Ain't no customer of ours gonna have cotton mouth)