Premium Tube Style Seamless Silk Rosin Screen Filter Bags  


          ~ 100% Organic

          ~ Higher Yields with seamless sides 

          ~ Super tight stitching  

          ~ Only biodegradable filter bag

          ~ KorLor420 introduced the seamless sides on fitler bags to improve yields

          ~ Silk is the only all natural material that does not contain any type of             chemical 

          ~ Silk is Biodegradable and will not harm the environment 

          ~ Silk is Stronger than Nylon


          Available Microns 

        25u,  37u , 90u, 120u &  160u



The superior quality in the KorLor420 Seamless Silk Bags is the reason we are the fastest growing bag brand and type in the oil industry. Just like you, we care about purity, quality and the environment. KorLor420 Silk Bags ensure that you are able to produce pure clean product that is 100% chemical free and environmentally friendly.  




Wholesale & special size orders available.  


Minimum Order Quantity for a special order is 250 bags






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