Thanks for checking us out! Here are the main points of our cool story.


  • We began with the KorLor420 Product Development & Promo Product side of the company.
  • Then in May of 2016, a pressing friend begged us to develop a new rosin heat press bag that was organic and made of silk.
  • As we began our research, we immediately knew we were in.
  • Providing an organic solution is always a priority. (Everyone benefits, including Mother Earth)
  • And equally important to us was offering a bag that would eliminate blowouts and provide the highest yields possible.
  • After rounds and rounds of testing, we were able to create the perfect bags for the serious pressers. We also added the closure flap on the bags as well as seamless sides. Our stitching can't be beat. (A few years back when we started with the Silk Rosin Bags, the stitching was just okay. Now we can promise you won't find anything better) 
  • Organic, No BlowOuts & Higher Yields
  • In june of 2018 we introduced the first Electric nectar Collector. It is called the "Dip n Dab" and we think it is one of the coolest items available for dabbing. 
  • The next couple of products we are launching, will blow your mind!!  Stay tuned.
  • We are Proud to be a Colorado Company owned by a chick!

And check this out! It is a policy of KorLor420 that the majority of our team are these fantastic individuals that may have (probably) had a hard time finding a job. Like Vets, DV victims, autistic, down syndrome or down on my luck from every walk of life etc.. Our rule is to hire 75% of our employees from the mentioned groups. We offer an environment where they can thrive, instead being in constant fear of losing their job. 


Keep watching our store. We have exciting new products coming soon.


Cheers! The KorLor420 Team