Rosin Heat Press Seamless Bags ~ by KorLor420

      Hey KorLor420 Fam,

      KorLor420 is excited to present our newest line of 100% Silk Rosin Filter Bags that have SEAMLESS SIDES.

      We pride ourselves on offering a 100% Organic, clean, eco-friendly biodegradable, safe, reliable, and cost-effective product for your rosin pressing needs. To further meet these needs, we worked closely with our customers and engineering team to bring you our newest line of Seamless Silk Rosin Bags.  

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      • The seamless sides allow the rosin to flow out quicker and without interruption from seams.

        • The less time the rosin spends under the heat plates, the better the product. (There is a fine line on heat affecting the taste and quality.) With our new seamless bags, the rosin will flow out quicker, retain its taste & purity better and provide a higher yield.

        Not only did we create bags with seamless sides, but we also offer bags inside out or inside in. We completely respect each and everyone of you and your personal preference. Some like it in and some like it out.   

      • Our stitching is also tight af.  
      • We have several option to chose from for your rosin press needs. You can get bags with a closure flap, seamless sides, original style, inside in, inside out etc. We also do custom sizes with low minimums. 

      In the end, please know KorLor420 is constantly striving to ensure we create the best organic Rosin Press Filter Bags possible. 

      When you think of KorLor420 Rosin Filter Bags, think of our commitment to offer you a 100% Organic, quicker, cleaner, and easier process overall with the same great strength, reliability, and clean taste that only the worlds #1 Silk Rosin Filter Bag can provide!  

      Thank you for being a part of our family!


      Lori & The KorLor420 Team