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ROSIN PRESS ~Even though it is portable and compact, this machine can generate up to 850 lb of pressing force. The best personal rosin press.

The Rosin press features sturdy construction, a locking lever mechanism, adjustable pressure, 2" x 3" dual heating insulated solid aluminum plates, temperature controls,

and a convenient carrying handle. Portable, sturdy and efficient, KL230C-X is perfect for personal desktop operating or rosin pressing during travel.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum pressure: 850 lbs  
  • Heating plate size: 2 x 3 inch  
  • Maximum temperature: 485 °F  

                     *Remember when you press, it is best to go low n slow. The ideal pressing temp is best between 160 & 300 °F (Depending on type of material you are pressing)

  • Adjustable Heat Settings.
  • Timer range: 0 - 999 sec
  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Product weight: 13 lbs / 6 kg
  • Certifications: CE  (EMC, RD &  RoHS)
  • 1 year warranty 
  • Discreet Packaging

Accessory Package includes

  • KorLor420 Rosin Bags included.  37u, 90u & 160u. These bags are made specifically for this press. They are the perfect size and microns for each type of material.  
  • Rosin Bag Filler
  • Rosin Scraper 4"x 6"
  • Parchment Paper

The press comes with KorLor420 Silk Bags, the #1 bags in the industry for pressing rosin. 

If you are looking to purchase your first Rosin Press, this is the one for you. It's ease of use, portable design, compact & dual heating plates make this the perfect at home set up.
KorLor420 has unparalleled customer service. We guarantee our products and customer satisfaction is the single most important element in our company. 
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Rosin press

What a great a machine once dailed in you can expect at least a 20% return inhave gotten as high as 30% return. The rosin has great taste. I think the taste is better than bho wax. Thanks korlor.